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Software developement
Through the development of both our own products and costumer desktop- and web solutions, we can offer in depth experience to solve many different types of projects.

We are focussing on applications and systems with a GIS component, but are also developing non GIS based systems.



GIS components
Applications using ArcGIS is one of our prime areas. The .NET technologi is used.

Look under the menu Products to see some of our developments.

Since 2004 we have developed 3D applications, with GeoScene3D as our top product.

We know the possibilities and can advise and complement a solution, that will fully exploit the possibilities in 3D.


Web development

Web applications is another of our services.

Many of our solutions contains diffrent kinds of WebGIS

  • GoogleMaps based solution, where simple visualizations are required
  • Mapserver based solutions, where map content, is more complicated (Mapserver is an opensource mapping system)
  • Combinated solutions (GoogleMaps/MapServer), where MapServer can deliver map content to Google Maps.


Webservices is a technologi that brings many advantages. I•GIS has in several projects both used and developed webservices.
I•Archive is an example.

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