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Data processing

Certain kinds of data processing tasks, demands a solid knowledge of GIS, databases and data conversion.


GIS data processing

In many data processing tasks geography is an aspect. This could be a costumer survey in a bank, insurence company or enviromental problems.

To suceed with the data processing, data often need to be collected from different sources, be converted and cleaned.

The task may imply that creating special routines to automate parts of the process.

In I•GIS we have the knowledge and the tools required.

Digitization and geocodning

Geocoding and digitization for GIS usually requires a good knowledge of many aspects.

One of the problems can be conversion of formats. An example is from a CAD format to an ESRI format, or conversion between different coordinate systems.

Another problem might be to maintain data, so that relations between different geografical features in the data are kept - called topological relations.

Interpolation and contouring
I•GIS has knowledge on interpolation of surfaces and preparation of data for interpolation. As tools for interpolation, we use the tools that fits the job best and uses the mathematical rutines that fits the data best.

Interpolated data can be converted between many different formats, for example MapInfo and ArcView/ArcGIS gridformater og Golden software's SURFER format.

Creation of 3D models
By developing 3D tools, we master the skills of 3D objects and data. I•GIS can offer services to build 3D models of different kinds and volume.

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